PROVIDE leadership throughout the state and nation to reinvigorate the civic and moral leadership of higher education in ways that connect colleges and universities with the communities and constituencies they serve.

PROMOTE citizenship education by expanding higher education's role in educating students not only for careers and jobs but also for their roles as active and engaged community members.

IMPROVE the quality of teaching and learning throughout New Hampshire institutions of higher education.

Carter Awards

Carter Partnership Award Dinner

On November 6, 2007, New Hampshire higher education, business and community leaders gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Campus Compact for New Hampshire. To mark this milestone Campus Compact for New Hampshire hosted a Carter Partnership Award dinner celebrating campus community collaboration in New Hampshire.

The Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Partnership Award for Campus-Community Collaboration honors and recognizes exemplary collaborations, undertaken by colleges and universities in partnership with community groups, which address critical areas of public need. The purposes of the Carter Award are to:

  • Provide recognition for outstanding campus-community partnerships
  • Increase the number and effectiveness of campus-community partnerships and promote college and university citizenship
  • Encourage cooperation between education, community, government and business leaders on critical social and economic issues
  • Increase public awareness of and support for campus-community partnerships

Since its founding, Campus Compact for New Hampshire has distributed over $1 million in partnership grants and supported over 200 campus-community projects. This past year alone, students at Campus Compact for New Hampshire member institutions contributed over 250,000 hours of community service in New Hampshire, providing an economic benefit of nearly $5 million to the state’s nonprofit infrastructure.

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