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CES Grant Program

Campuses for Environmental Stewardship

A five-state Campus Compact coalition (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont) has been awarded a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation to support Campuses for Environmental Stewardship (CES). Through this program, CES will award a total of 16 sub-grants to 4 year, baccalaureate-granting Campus Compact member campuses in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island who recognize the importance of addressing important societal issues, in this instance environmental stewardship, and who are committed to creating institutional change by embedding service-learning projects into courses, and strengthening teaching/curriculum, student learning outcomes and interdisciplinary approaches to education.

Today’s students live in a time of unprecedented change. They will be facing complex issues (like environmental stewardship) in their communities and entering a highly competitive global workforce that demands a diverse skill set. Recognizing that these challenges cannot be solved through one discipline alone, the CES program aims to engage teams of faculty from a wide variety of disciplines in collaborative efforts to integrate service-learning into the curriculum.

Selected campuses are required to deliver a minimum of 3-4 related service-learning courses, each partnering with community organizations to address environmental challenges. A limited number of subgrants will be available for teams with a focus area on STEM education or food insecurity.  Teams will receive training in service-learning pedagogy and apply this interdisciplinary model to environmental stewardship challenges as a part of their participation in the grant.

This initiative will not end with the culmination of the environmental community projects in these courses, but will continue through cross-campus, statewide, and regional collaboration to further define and move forward the role of higher education in addressing this region’s most pressing issues.

Please contact Ann Tierno if you are interested in knowing more about this opportunity.

Funding provided by a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation, established by Stanton and Elisabeth Davis after Mr. Davis’ retirement as chairman of Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.