PROVIDE leadership throughout the state and nation to reinvigorate the civic and moral leadership of higher education in ways that connect colleges and universities with the communities and constituencies they serve.

PROMOTE citizenship education by expanding higher education's role in educating students not only for careers and jobs but also for their roles as active and engaged community members.

IMPROVE the quality of teaching and learning throughout New Hampshire institutions of higher education.

STEM Related Community Engagement

Find Out What’s Happening

The link below includes current data collected from CCNH member campuses identifying their STEM related civic engagement activities.

Campus STEM Community Engagement

If your campus is involved with STEM Community Outreach that you do not see listed, please contact Ann Tierno so that we can add it to our list.

Get Published

A number of journals are published analyzing the work that marries the STEM fields with civic engagement activities.

STEM Scholarly Journals

Find Resources

Click here for resources available to you from CCNH.