PROVIDE leadership throughout the state and nation to reinvigorate the civic and moral leadership of higher education in ways that connect colleges and universities with the communities and constituencies they serve.

PROMOTE citizenship education by expanding higher education's role in educating students not only for careers and jobs but also for their roles as active and engaged community members.

IMPROVE the quality of teaching and learning throughout New Hampshire institutions of higher education.

For CSD’s

Community Service Directors Network

Community Service Directors are those individuals selected by campus Presidents to be Campus Compact for New Hampshire’s primary contact for our programming. Campus Compact for New Hampshire provides regular information to these individuals through email updates, regular mailings and monthly meetings.

The Community Service Director (CSD) Network meets four times throughout the academic calendar. Campuses rotate hosting meetings.

Meeting agendas are developed collaboratively with Community Service Directors and include:

  • opportunities for networking
  • resource sharing
  • technical assistance
  • provide feedback for program planning and implementation

For a list of resources available through CCNH click here.
Click here for a list of CSD’s.

Community Service Director’s Meetings 2017-2018

All meetings will be held at the CCNH offices in Concord and begin at 9:30 AM, except where stated otherwise.

September 22, 2017 CCNH
December 8, 2017 CCNH
January 26, 2018 CCNH
March 9, 2018 CCNH
May 4, 2018 CCNH