NH Food Insecurity AmeriCorps Program Service Positions

Below are service listings for the NH Food Insecurity Program. There are 19 VISTA positions and one VISTA Leader position. Apply today to start making a difference!

Have questions? Email Terri at henning {at} compactnh(.)org

Open positions are listed in GREEN, closed positions in RED

YMCA Downtown Manchester

The AmeriCorps member serving at YMCA Downtown Manchester will work with local agencies to support and expand food insecurity initiatives in the city aimed at youth and their families. The VISTA assist with increasing the reach and impact of the current network of volunteers, partners, and donors by creating educational materials and opportunities for engagement. The position will increase and enhance nutrition services at afterschool/summer program sites, including increasing access meal sites during school breaks and summer. The VISTA will also engage in volunteer recruitment, volunteer management and fundraising.

Campus Compact NH

The AmeriCorps member serving at Campus Compact for New Hampshire will work to address food insecurity for NH communities by developing sustainable programs at NH colleges and universities and creating community coalitions to address hunger. The VISTA will support programs, events and activities that address hunger by harnessing the resources of higher education. The VISTA will also develop programming that addresses food insecurity on college campuses and create sustainable solutions that help campuses meet the needs of their students.

VISTA Leader

The VISTA Leader will work to create programming that fosters a connection among the AmeriCorps team across New Hampshire and provide the team with support and resources as they carry out their year of service, which includes leading regular team meetings and trainings, conducting site visits, assessing and implementing professional development opportunities, providing ongoing support to VISTA site supervisors, and contributing to the AmeriCorps network in NH. The VISTA Leader will serve at the NH Food Bank and in addition to working with the VISTA they will support expanded programs at the Food Bank and identify long term strategies for addressing food insecurity.

FIT (Families In Transition)

Do you want to serve with an organization committed to relieving hunger and poverty? Then there’s a place for you at Families in Transition-New Horizons (FITNH) as an AmeriCorps VISTA service member. Join Families in Transition-New Horizons to: Use your skills to help a New Hampshire city tackle pressing issues such as poverty and food insecurity, give back to the community while gaining valuable leadership skills and work on meaningful projects that you’re passionate about. The FITNH AmeriCorps VISTA project provides an opportunity for community engagement, development of organizational structure, explore sustainability, research best practices, research and organize providers for collaborative opportunities.  The position will also be hands on in helping food service organizations provide food directly to those in need.  This position is a wonderful balance of community organizing work and direct food service opportunities.

NHTI, Concord's Community College

The AmeriCorps member serving at NHTI-Concord’s Community College will be engaged in fighting food insecurity both on campus and in the greater Concord region. By conducting community asset mapping, research, community focus groups and community stakeholder meetings the VISTA will gather feedback to enhance the current food insecurity programming on campus and in the greater Concord region. In collaboration with community partners the VISTA will work on the design of a plan for moving forward with a sustainable, food pantry that provides increased nutrition and access to food to families in in the region. The VISTA will also work to develop new partners in food distribution to expand programing for future years.