Content with Topics : Service-Learning

Equity-Based Service-Learning

This Knowledge Hub from Campus Compact allows students to delve deeper and enrich their service-learning experience by looking at larger issues, beginning with the question of “Why.” Why are these communities in need? Why are these communities similar in demographics regardless of where they are located across the country? Why have the needs been consistent for several decades? Asking these questions gives students the opportunity to understand the power dynamics within the communities they seek to serve. This element of asking difficult questions magnifies the service-learning experience and enables them to develop a critical lens and a sense of civic…

Service-Learning Syllabi

Campus Compact has assembled a broad database of service-learning syllabi from institutions across the country. Syllabi are searchable by discipline, institution type, service type, and issue area. These syllabi serve as models for incorporating community work into the curriculum in ways that meet community-identified needs while improving teaching and learning. You’ll find the searchable database of syllabi on the national Campus Compact website.

Principles of Best Practice in Community Service Work Study

This guide outlines best practices in combining college and university work-study experiences with community service and service-learning. Ten principles were created after conducting focus groups with practitioners from 52 colleges and universities that help construct an effective community service work-study program. Specific examples are included.

Best Practices: Service-learning in Teacher Education in New Hampshire

This review of best practices covers the support and recognition that faculty in teacher education programs need to feel comfortable integrating service-learning into their curriculum in order for maximum engagement. In addition, the individuals who will be working with the preservice teachers and the preservice teachers must be trained in understanding service-learning as a philosophy and pedagogy.

Teacher Education Service-Learning Guidebook

This guidebook covers essentials to service-learning specifically relating to teacher education. Includes action plans, worksheets, and assessment tools.

Creating, Running, and Sustaining Campus-Community Service-Learning Partnerships

Campus-community partnerships are an essential element in community service-learning. Partnerships are the structure for identifying community needs, developing appropriate student projects, fostering experiential education, carrying out required planning and logistics and sharing feedback on the process and results. Because of their importance, the elements of successful campus-community partnerships have gotten a lot of attention; however, less has been done to identify “best” or even “promising” practices that are used to create, run and sustain good partnerships. The purpose of this handbook is to record and share the voices of partnership practitioners on what they have done that has worked well…