New Hampshire Colleges & Universities Support Ukraine

January 9, 2022
Franklin Pierce University students with signs march in support of Ukraine

Above: Franklin Pierce University students walk to support Ukraine

The colleges and universities that make up Campus Compact for New Hampshire work to educate students for civic and social responsibility, as well as for professional excellence. They provide programs and support structures to engage students in meaningful community work locally, nationally, and around the world.

New Hampshire’s college students have risen to this challenge again and again, providing millions of dollars in service to their communities each year. Now they’re working to support the people of Ukraine through the devastation of war.

Here are a few examples of how students on New Hampshire campuses are working to provide relief for those affected by the war in Ukraine:

Franklin Pierce University students organized a walk to raise awareness and support for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Manchester Community College (MCC) is raising relief funds through a partnership with the Common Man Restaurants and their owner, Alex Ray, former Governor John Lynch, WMUR, iHeart Media, Rotary International, and Granite United Way. As part of this effort, MCC students held a Standing with Ukraine fundraiser. The Common Man family has agreed to match every dollar up to $1 million raised.

Plymouth State University students have launched a social media campaign to spread the word about the catastrophic impact of the war in Ukraine. Students have researched and written about civilian casualties, loss of schools and hospitals, critical food shortages, and more. Messaging includes information and links to support Ukraine relief efforts.

Chart depicting the public health impact of the war in Ukraine, created by students at Plymouth State University




Left: Plymouth State University messaging about the public health impacts of the war in Ukraine


Saint Anselm College students organized a Dance-A-Thon to raise funds to support Ukrainian families. Held at the college’s Meelia Center for Community Engagement, the event engaged 128 students in a Dance-A-Thon that raised more than $1,500 for direct relief.


Right: Saint Anselm College students at the student-organized Dance-A-Thon, which raised more than $1,500 for Ukraine