Principles of Anti-Oppressive Community Engagement for University Educators and Researchers

February 28, 2023

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in 2020, the authors began articulating these principles and practices more concretely as a commitment to holding ourselves accountable for practicing antiracist and anti-oppressive CETR. Their roles at the university call for deep community engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration on and off campus. They were therefore able to draw on years of lessons learned from a circle of colleagues and other collaborators with diverse identities, roles, and experiences with CETR, including community partners, faculty, staff, and students at Northeastern and other universities. Their work was also informed by a wide range of scholars and practitioners in the fields of critical service-learning and CETR, antiracism, antiracist pedagogy, and social movement building. After drafting the principles, they workshopped them through a collaborative and iterative review process, again including a wide range of university and community stakeholders. The authors are abundantly grateful to everyone who has been part of this journey so far.

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