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Nonpartisan Campus Election Resources

Campus Compact has compiled nonpartisan election resources that provide valuable guidance for students and others on campus. Resources range from government requirements for distributing voter registration forms on campus to information specific to upcoming elections in New Hampshire. Distributing Voter Registration Forms on Campus This Dear Colleague letter, from the Acting Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Office of Postsecondary Education, outlines federal requirements and resources for campus voter registration. Read more → Education for Democracy Knowledge Hub This compilation of resources from national Campus Compact includes a plethora of guides and organizations for students, as well as resources on teaching…

Student Voting Resources

A compilation of student guidelines and hands-on resources from the national Campus Compact office. Includes resources for making your vote as a student count and for helping ensure others can recognize their right to vote as well.

Increasing Student Political Participation

While many parts of fostering civic engagement in a campus environment are hard to measure, the rate of student voter registration and student voting are two very easy variables to quantify, and are in fact publicly available data if you know where to look. And of course, if you’re not registered, you can’t vote. Different inputs that affect the rate student voting at a given institution highlighted in this guide are more complicated, and will vary substantially from campus to campus depending on the student population type. To increase the rate of student voter registration and student voting on your…