Getting Started with Practicing Democracy: A Toolkit for Educating Civic Professionals

May 17, 2023

Nicholas Longo’s Practicing Democracy: A Toolkit for Educating Civic Professionals   (published by AAC&U and Campus Compact as a free guidebook) offers practical approaches and strategies for developing students’ capacity to engage in collaborative, public problem solving. It provides tools for the students to learn to facilitate inclusive and participatory processes that make a difference. The lessons in the online, user-friendly guide are designed to educate publicly engaged leaders, or civic professionals.

This webinar, led by the author, provided an introduction to the themes in the book and practical advice on using the civic prompts or conversation starters for deliberative dialogues and critical reflection on college campuses.

In these times of crisis, colleges and universities need to commit to playing a role in revitalizing democracy by practicing democracy. With civic prompts such as readings, storytelling, dialogue and deliberation, case studies, situational analysis, team-building activities, and other facilitation materials for student engagement in a variety of settings, Practicing Democracy provides ideas and resources for educators interested in creating space for democracy.

Watch the webinar here: