Content with Topics : Engaged Scholarship

Publishing Engaged Scholarship

Peer-reviewed publishing of service-learning and community-engaged scholarship is challenging for a number of reasons. These include competing academic responsibilities, dedication to work-life balance, limited collegial support and mentoring, professional isolation, and lack of knowledge about where and how to publish service-learning and community-engaged scholarship. This Campus Compact Knowledge Hub provides an overview of interdisciplinary community-engagement journals dedicated to publishing rigorously reviewed scholarship. It also includes journal articles on the best practices for publishing this kind of scholarship and highlights national organizations that host special sessions on publishing service-learning or community-engaged scholarship. Finally, it offers book publishing houses and presses that…

Principles of Best Practice in Community Service Work Study

This guide outlines best practices in combining college and university work-study experiences with community service and service-learning. Ten principles were created after conducting focus groups with practitioners from 52 colleges and universities that help construct an effective community service work-study program. Specific examples are included.

Engaged Scholarship Toolkit

Campus Compact developed the Engaged Scholarship Toolkit to help faculty and administrators advance community-engaged scholarship on campus. The toolkit is designed to: Add clarity to the meaning and conceptualization of community-engaged scholarship in a research university context. Provide a rationale for why to do it and resources on how to do it well. Offer tools and assistance for faculty at research universities to document engaged scholarship for reward and promotion. Provide tools and assistance for assessing engaged scholarship. Find the Engaged Scholarship Toolkit on the national Campus Compact website.