Host Sites

In the spring semester each year, the Northern New England Campus Compact Collaboration opens applications for potential host sites for our AmeriCorps VISTA program. Selected members would begin in August of 2022. You MUST complete both an application and VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) to be considered.

PRIORITY DEADLINE: Feb. 15th, 2022

FINAL DEADLINE: March 15th, 2022

Interested parties can contact those listed further down to discuss ideas, talk through the project, and answer and questions.

Current VISTA host sites, remember that this application should be a new proposal that builds upon the work that you have already accomplished. If your position was not filled in the 21-22 cohort, you may submit that proposal again.

Please complete your application here!

Please complete the VAD (VISTA Assignment Description).

Host sites in New Hampshire and Vermont should contact:
Aarron R. Dupuis, 603.223.2302 x318

Host sites in the state of Maine should contact:
Sally Slovenski, 207.753.6626

See the list below for the responsibilities of each host site.

  • Host site responsibilities
    • Attend a Site Supervisor Orientation
    • Complete Memorandum of Understanding prior to arrival of member
    • Complete and submit On Site Orientation within 30 days of member’s arrival
    • Document in-kind contributions
    • Ensure that members are not engaging in AmeriCorps-prohibited activities while serving on site
    • Assist with the recruitment/selection of member in partnership with your state Campus Compact
    • Respond to all viable candidates sent by Campus Compact NH, or alert Campus Compact NH office that you do not wish to interview a candidate within 3-5 days of receiving that candidate’s information
    • Interview all viable candidates
    • Check viable references before asking Campus Compact NH to make an offer to a candidate
    • Inform Campus Compact NH when you would like to make an offer to a candidate (Campus Compact NH will make all final offers and reserves the right to deselect a candidate)
    • Pay VISTA Sponsorship cost
    • Reimburse member project-related travel expenses
    • Provide office space and materials (including phone, fax, computer, e-mail, etc.)
    • Provide daily supervision
    • In coordination with PR office, publicize any events or accomplishments of the AmeriCorps project as they occur
    • Support AmeriCorps training and professional development, including attendance at monthly Corps meetings and periodic statewide events
    • Complete reporting and evaluation requirements, including working with the member to complete two progress reports
    • Participate in activities related to Campus Compact NH coordination of the AmeriCorps project, including attending a minimum of three site supervisors’ meetings and trainings
    • Maintain current membership in your state Campus Compact throughout the VISTA member(s) term
    • Serve as advocate and liaison to the institution’s administration, faculty, staff, and community, when appropriate
    • Support the member’s attendance at regular AmeriCorps team meetings, trainings, and specified state Campus Compact events, provide time in the member’s service to complete all service-related paperwork
    • Provide supervision and feedback through regular meetings
    • Approve timesheets and tracking of in-kind data
    • Communicate in a timely manner with Campus Compact NH about any problems or concerns about the member, should any significant issues arise